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2015-06-19 - 6:47 p.m.

My 50 inch Sony TV... she gave up the ghost. I have been contemplating getting a new one for months because I knew her time was short. There has been a slightly darkened area of screen over the top 5 inches all the way across and I knew this was a sign of something bad happening. So Wednesday night after my day was done and it was time for me to get comfy and watch a little TV, I turned on the TV and got a black screen with little red and blue lines all over it. The audio was perfect. The bedroom TV was fine. I googled a little to see if there was some easy fix, but even as I was googling for answers, I knew I was about to go to Best Buy and get my new TV.

I left my house at 8 pm and before they closed at 9pm I had bought a "Curved UHD" Smart TV. Curved screen, yo. I like it. I was trying to decide between the 55 inch or the 65 inch screen. I went for the lesser sized one because I didn't want it to look ridiculous on my console and I also didn't want to pay 3 grand for a thing that is only supposed to last 6 to 8 years. Now that it's all set up, I'm thinking I could have done the 65 inch one without it looking too crazy. That console is plenty big enough for it. I was tempted for that great big screen. They have one that is 78 inches and THAT one would be super fantastic but I just refuse to pay 7 grand for a TV. Not gonna do it, wouldn't be prudent. The one I got is really outrageously nice. The picture is so clear you can see every blade of grass, every mole and freckle, every teeny detail. I keep debating sending this TV back for the bigger screen. This one is plenty though.

BUT ANYWAY... it has Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and some free streaming apps and many other apps built in. It occurs to me that I could figure out which streaming service has the channels I watch the most and I could cut out my Directv altogether and save that whole ridiculous bill. The TV will pay for itself at a rate of over $100 a month that I have been paying for my Directv package. I just have to make sure I can still get my important channels. I don't want to not be able to get The Walking Dead or something important like that. hah!

So that is my task for tonight. I am trying to see if I can find a way to still get the channels I like.

I cannot believe it is already Friday again. This week zipped by like it just stole someone's purse.

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