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2015-06-16 - 7:09 p.m.

I had puppy drama today.

The boys were wrestling around a little, nothing too vicious sounding, when the baby suddenly yelped. He immediately went into all kinds of yodeling and carrying on, all the while holding up one of his front legs. He was limping around and wouldn't put any weight on that leg. I was scared to touch it, but I checked him over for blood, ripped toenails, obvious injuries... and found nothing, but he was still whimpering and holding the leg up. I went to get my shoes and the travel kennel and called the vet. They said bring him in. I gave him a dose of his pain meds from his eye surgery because he was shaking and he wouldn't open his eyes. (We may have another drama queen on our hands)

I got him to the vet's office, they brought him back quickly and they had to pull him out of the kennel. He didn't want to come out. He was very pitiful for a few minutes, and then he just snapped out of it! He started running around right on that terribly, horribly, devastatingly injured leg. He likes the vet, despite all the pain she has brought down on him in his young life.

So we got puppy shots while we were there and he is good as new.

And now I have to go meet some people at a restaurant!

I'm off like a prom dress...

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