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2015-06-15 - 10:22 a.m.

Well, I haven't killed the boy yet. I considered it right about here: He admitted that he didn't come home because he was too drunk to drive and he wanted to be congratulated on his wise decision not to drive drunk. He also feels that since he works hard on his job he "deserves" to be allowed to party and stay out all night. He asked me why I couldn't just let it happen. I told him we should ask his mom when she comes over and see if she can help talk some sense into me since I'm apparently crazy and/or unreasonable. He knows he is ridiculous.

Ya know... he is my payback. I was, shall we say, a trial... to my parents. My mother said I would one day have a kid just like me and get paid back for all the crap I dragged her through. And so here I am. Paying.

I'm getting off the kid topic. I would take up alcohol to help me forget my troubles, but I don't want the carbs.

I have a story that needs tellin'. Disclaimer: Massage therapy is a noble field and I am *certain* that there are countless male therapists with high integrity and professionalism. Having said that, I've been to exactly 4 male massage therapists and many, many females ones. Of the 4 male therapists, 1 of them was completely professional, completely appropriate at all times and never ever did anything weird. My first male therapist sort of fell in love with me and got inappropriate with me. He started asking me out and saying things like "If you were mine...." etc. Needless to say I switched to a nice female therapist. Eventually she quit working at my usual place, so I tried another male. He was my one appropriate male therapist. I went to him until he took another job at the airport. I tend to stick with my location rather than follow a therapist so I tried another one there at my usual spot. I am not trying to go to the airport for massages. Massage therapists are like hair dressers, you have to try a few to find the right one. I went to one guy who was an ex marine. He was too rough and when I asked him to lighten up he told me "there's no crying in massage". He also dropped the F bomb a few times and while I'm no prude, I think therapists should use respectful and professional language with clients. I never went back to Semper Fi. I tried a couple more females... they tend to go too light and not get the trigger points as well as the big strong man hands do. Eventually I was placed with another male and he was a really excellent therapist. I liked his massage skills and I felt better because he was good with the trigger points. I had high hopes for this one. He started out pretty professional, but later on, he started telling me too much about himself during sessions. He obviously has a big ego and he is his own favorite topic of discussion. I found him to be a sawed off little banty rooster, but I kept that appraisal to myself. He told me way too much info about himself and his apparently skanky wife and one time he went too far by mentioning their recreational use of nipple clamps. I thought "here we go". He also said he has no qualms about offering up his other "services" as a boy toy. His wife can't complain, since she has done that sort of thing before when times were tough. And he told me some crazy stuff about having 5K in his pocket (I thought he was just glad to see me) and about having 127K more coming to him the next day which he planned to put in a safe at his house. Why would anyone everrrrr tell someone that???

So he is a complete nutbar. I think I'm done with male massage therapists. The odds are not too good with 3 out of 4 having been inappropriate. This was a serious bone of contention (no pun intended) with my ex. He did not like the whole massage therapy situation. He referred to it as me "getting naked on a table for a man". He seemed to think that a man can't just rub down a naked woman without having inappropriate ideas. Maybe he was right about that one.

I have found a really good female therapist and I had an appointment scheduled, but they called and said she is out sick and could they place me with "Robert"? I declined. I'll just wait for my regular therapist to be back to work.

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