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2015-06-14 - 11:55 a.m.

My 19 year old nephew didn't come home last night.

My conditions for him staying at my house are that he must adhere to my house rules, obey the state and federal laws, (which means not only can he not be a pot head while living here, he also is 2 years shy of being able to legally buy or drink alcohol), and he must come home every night unless I've approved it in advance. That's pretty much it. Obey the law and come home at night. I honestly do not feel that this is too much to ask. And if it is, I just don't care. That's my condish. Since he is too grown to do any of this stuff, I'm going to invite him to GTFO.

I texted him and told him he needs to let me know if he is ok, since I am worried that he is in a ditch or OD'd on something. He finally sent me back a text and said he is fine, he just decided to spend the night at his buddy's house because they are going to a gun show. Nothing to worry about! As if we had not already had many discussions about the fact that it's not ok for him to not come home at night. I've had it. Why am I raising a teenager when I did not squeeze his big melon out my very own hoohah???? My sister should be enjoying this wonderful phase of life, not me.

He texted and happily announced that he is probably going to buy a semi-automatic assault weapon at the gun show. I told him he better hang on to his money because he might need it for rent. I'm done.

Ah.. the joys of being responsible for a teenager...

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