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2015-06-13 - 8:38 p.m.

I have been very productive today. I got some rectangular baskets to organize things under my bathroom sinks. I have accumulated tons of "supplies". I like to stock up on things so I've got 5 bars of glycerin soap from Bath & Body Works, numerous bottles of bubble bath, so much hair conditioner, and bottle after bottle of Moroccan oil.. I could open a shop. I found some weird things, like a Ziploc bag full of coins and cough drops(?). I found a brand new package of Mr. Clean scrub sponges that I didn't know I had. Those will come in handy! I went through everything and threw away the stuff I don't want and organized the rest. I also took everything out of my armoire drawers and threw away the things I don't use anymore. Now my underwear drawer is a thing of beauty. I discovered that I possess several pairs of extremely soft fuzzy socks that I had forgotten about. I'm going to organize my bedroom closet too. I'm sure I have many things in there that need to go. I am getting some more of those baskets! I'm envisioning the shelves of my closet lined with those baskets. It will look very uniform and tidy. I'm definitely doing that!

Another thing I did today was clean my Keurig coffee maker. I washed all the parts you can wash and then ran a gallon of vinegar through the machine. Then I ran water through until there was no more traces of vinegar. I took the used vinegar and used it (again) in the toilets. If you put paper towels around the inside of the toilet and pour vinegar on it and let it sit for a few hours, it will take hard water deposits out and remove any stains. Vinegar and baking soda are dirt cheap and will clean anything! Baking soda will shine up your glassware like nobody's business.

My nephew pays me $127 a month for his car insurance. I'm just collecting for his mom and sometimes I'd like to make him pay her instead of me because he is always broke and I kind of hate to take his money. He thinks I'm loaded and that just makes it worse. Hopefully he will soon realize that he needs to get educated so he can make a big paycheck. Yesterday he was $2 short on his payment so he came back with 8 quarters for me and said "Here, put this in your huge bin of money that you never use". Hah! He's a wise ass.

I think my folks are on the road for their very long drive. My niece is with them and I pity her. She has no idea how long this drive is really going to be. I do, because I had to make that trip in the back seat of a car twice a year when I was a kid. It sucked so bad.

During my day of ripping and tearing and organizing I somehow managed to slice my finger, right on the end. The middle finger of my left hand. So every time I hit a key with it, it hurts.

I found out today that a brand new Sam's club is being built right down the road and a whole new Town Center, complete with parks, walking trails, shopping, and restaurants is being built. This area is growing. I may totally go back on that whole moving to Colorado thing. I love my community and I am loving all the new stuff being built. I do want the cooler climate, but I might just do the summer home in Estes park idea. I don't know. I guess I'm open.

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