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2015-06-11 - 7:06 p.m.

I have been thinking about my dad a lot today. He's alive and well, so this is not a sad remembrance. My dad is a sweetheart among men.
He did a full military career and he was always up very early in the morning. So when I was a kid, he used to be the one to wake me up in the morning. We lived in Colorado and I kept so many blankets piled up on me in the winter time, I didn't even make a visible lump in the bed. My dad, who thinks he is quite funny, used to dig one of my feet out of my pile of blankets and slap me on the sole of my foot to wake me up. In response, I would always scream "DAAAAAD!!!!!!!!" and listen to him chuckle as he left my room. This was an exchange that happened pretty much every day of the week. He also used to like to peck me on top of my head with his pinky nail, which he kept long just for that purpose.

One time I was listening to some hard rock music in my bedroom and my dad opened the door and stuck his head in there just to say "That ain't music." Then he just smiled pleasantly, closed the door, and went on his way. He just needed to share that piece of info in case I was confused. He is the reason I am such a reader and it's his fault I have the gypsy tendencies. He took a job that would move us all around the USA and Europe and taught me that the world is an awesome place and you shouldn't limit yourself.

When I was a teenager, I came out of my room one day all dressed up in some daisy dukes and nothing on top but a tight denim vest. (technically I was covered) This seemed like a good idea to me at the time, but my dad said in his Army voice: "Get back in there and put some clothes on". I said "Dad, these ARE clothes" and Dad barked "GIT!". hah! You don't argue with "git". You just git.

My folks are coming to spend the night with me Sunday night before going on vacation to guess where? Colorado! I decided not to go along on this trip because I just got home from Kentucky and I don't want to take my vacation this early in the year. Also, my sister is coming to spend a night in the middle of the week because she is going on a business trip of her own. My house serves as a good Bed & Breakfast to my friends and relatives. I like to have company. I'm looking forward to these family visits coming up.

Good grief, it's almost 8 pm. I haven't even had dinner.

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