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2015-06-10 - 7:36 p.m.

On my recent seminar, I met a woman who works at one of the facilities that I code for. She is full blooded Irish, from Ireland. She speaks Gaelic. What a go getter she is! She also curses copiously and spectacularly. She's a warehouse for F bombs. I really like her. She told me she named her daughter Saoirse (seer-sha) and that means "Freedom" in Gaelic. I love that!! If I had a baby daughter with no name, that would be the one I would choose. I'm all about freedom. I just found a little blurb about the name. I googled to see if I had the spelling right. Here's what I found:


This is the Gaelic word for "freedom". It's pronounced SEER-sha. This word is often used as a name and a term with political overtones, especially by those who believe that Northern Ireland should be part of Ireland, and not the U.K. It has growing popularity as a girl's name, usually indicating strong Irish pride.

That's cool.

I am feeling restless and adventurous here lately and I have this urge to just GO. I can't understand the mindset of people who are happy to just live and die in one place and never see the world. People are so wrapped up in fear and they tell themselves false stories about why they can't do anything more. Don't let these false stories hold you back from making the most of this ONE CHANCE YOU HAVE TO BE YOOOOOOOU!!!!!!!!

I told my mom that very thing today. Our souls are immortal but she's got ONE shot at being who she is in this human incarnation and she's letting it slide by without doing what she really wants to do.

I bought this house strategically because it's right in an area that will soon be home to a couple of major company headquarters (thousands of employees will work at each) and property values are supposed to rise sharply keeping up with this influx of people needing homes. I hope to cash in on the spiked demand that will be happening. I also love the house, so I can't really lose on this deal.

I adore my floor plan and I might just take these plans and have this same house built in my new home town. After I sell my house here, I just might move to Colorado! I loved it there growing up, I go there on vacation almost every year and whenever I am there, I just want to stay for good. My ultimate dream would be to live off the grid in Colorado, growing Bing cherries and black plums. I want a house that has solar panels and wind turbines. It's windy as hell in Colorado! Wind turbines would do great there.

I was thinking of just buying a summer home there, or even a time share, but now I'm thinking why be half-assed about it? Why not just go all the way and live there year round? I grew up in snowy places, mostly Colorado and Germany, so I am down with the cold weather. This is how I'm feeling right now, while I'm afflicted with the gypsy feet. It's possible I'll change my mind and not want to leave my lovely little community. Or I might meet someone lovable around here and change my plans. Who knows?

But tentatively... I'm moving.

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