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2015-05-31 - 11:40 a.m.

I love a Sunday. It's a peaceful expanse of time that I always spend in gentle and quiet ways. I appreciate my coffee more on a Sunday. It's the same coffee I have the other 6 days of the week, but on Sunday it feels more special. I make quite the production out of it anyway. I get out my beautiful brick of pure Irish grass fed butter and slice off a nice thick chunk. I brew my strong coffee right on top of the butter and then emulsify it with my immersion blender. This makes the creamiest, best smelling cup of coffee you can imagine. It tastes like you paid 5 bucks for it at a coffee shop. After I really and truly *enjoy* this cup of creamy sunshine, I go on to read, research, paint, listen, write... I meander through the day doing whatever feels good.

Today I have to sully up my perfect Sunday by tending to a little business, since tomorrow I have to fly out for my annual torture session, I mean seminar. I have to do a little work today, because I will be gone 3 days next week and no one else is going to do my stuff for me. I also have to set up a place for my puppy. He will be doing time in the bathroom while the nephew is working during my trip. The puppy can't be trusted not to chew wires and generally tear stuff up, so he has to be contained. The older dog is fully trustable and can have the run of the house. My nephew has assured me he will be here with the dogs during his non-working hours and he will play with them and make sure the baby doesn't crap up my house.

Yesterday I bought stuff for the boy to eat while I'm gone and low carb snacks to take with me. Last fall when I went, I was sick as a dog. I shouldn't have even gone, but when they say mandatory, they are not playing around. To miss the seminar this time would put me at a terrible disadvantage, since the whole coding system we use is going to be phased out and the new one starts on October 1. We are preparing for that change with this seminar. I'm not too thrilled about the entire coding system being changed because one of the reasons I'm so fast and such a high performer is because I have almost every code I use memorized. I can just sit there and code out of my memory. But now I will have to actually use the encoder like all the others. Until I memorize the 70,000+ new codes. ::flat stare::

The change will slow me down for a while, but I'm sure I will catch right on and be remembering the codes I use the most right away. Let's hope so anyway!

Think of me tomorrow as I'm defying gravity, high above the clouds in an extremely heavy hunk of metal. Flying is not my favorite thing. If you are a praying person, pray me up a safe trip, please. If I never write in here again, you will know you failed.

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