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2015-05-29 - 11:49 a.m.

I had a talk with the nephew about his very slim life strategy skills. He is a mostly normal, lazy, slip-sliding, trying to get around the rules, entitled, irritating yet lovable 19 year old kid who when faced with a decision, no matter how important, always goes with the choice that will be fun for him in the present moment. Zero ability to delay gratification has he. He has done some things that are just... mind boggling in their far reaching disastrous results. Example: Homey wanted to go on a road trip, so he just walked off his job one day, dropped out of college, and had himself a great ole time.

No income? No problem! He spent up his Pell Grant (on weed, probably). He thought the price he was going to pay was limited to "Mimi will be mad". (Mimi was super mad.) But he didn't realize that what he actually did was lose all his sources of money. Once you screw up your pell grant, you can forget about ever getting another one. In Texas, you can get almost 6K a year for 6 years! So he basically pissed away 36K in school money, whatever future career that could have gotten him, and his good paying jobbie job in one fell swoop. The stupidest part is that if he had waited just a *week* to go and had taken his finals, and given proper notice at work, he could have still had his trip and all the fun without losing everything. But a week is a really long time when you are a turnip with no ability to delay gratification.

So we had a talk. I have advised him that this free ride right here is not forever and he better get a plan and jump on it with both feet before he runs out of opportunity. I may up and move one day, because I do things like that. He thinks he has all the time in the world and can man-up later when he is super elderly, like 30. ::eye roll::

He told me he is thinking of taking a summer job in another town and coming back here when it is time for school to start back. He sees that he needs to do school. He definitely wants to stay here for that. He spontaneously cleaned his bathroom... so he must be seeing the handwriting on the wall about the precariousness of his living situation these days. Ha!

Meanwhile, I am having daydreams about running naked in my own home and singing to the top of my lungs and having an utterly clean home all summer long with no crazy messes and significantly less annoyances to deal with. I will adore having my home to myself for a while. I love my nephew, but I gave up my privacy and took on a lot of extra work and expense to let him move in here.

My sister has one more kid... and when I get her raised BOY AM I GONNA HAVE FUN!!!

Just kidding. I'm not going to raise that one.

Unless she needs me to.

Then, totally.

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