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2015-05-28 - 6:48 p.m.

I'm an awesome Aunt/Guardian/surrogate mother/wire monkey.

At times, just exercising sufficient restraint to avoid committing murder is nothing short of heroic.

Even with the chicken salad debacle still fresh in my mind, I have magnanimously whipped up another huge batch of chicken salad. I warned the boy that if he gobbles it all up in a flash this time, there will be bloody hell to pay. "I KEEL YOU!!" were my exact words. I am trusting him not to skank me again.

I never learn, do I? Always with the trusting...

Life is full of ham demons and chicken eaters.

I bought a fridge for my closet. Have I mentioned that? I now have all the ice cold water I want and a place to stash my chicken salad if the chicken eater gets out of hand again. This is his last chance to prove he can control himself around chicken salad. We shall see how he fares.

I have to go to a work thing for 3 days next week. Oh... the dread. It's 2 days of soul crushing boredom in the form of a mandatory educational seminar. Oh the dull, droning, ever-so-boring classes I will endure. It will cover a huge volume of info we have to start using in October, so it's really necessary stuff. I just hope the weather is nice and my house is still sitting here when I get back. I'm in Texas which may or may not float away before next week is over.

Today I saw a name that I just couldn't believe. It was Phu Q. That's exactly how it was written. I can't give the last name, because it's too identifying, and there's laws against identifying patients ... So every time they ask him his name, he says "fuck you".

Ees funny.

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