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2015-05-19 - 1:11 p.m.

This is not part two of my saga. That is still to come. I just had to pop in here and talk about my suicidal puppy. I don't know how long he has been depressed, but he seems bent on self destruction.

Last night, I had given the boys each a chewbone. So the little guy has become really aggressive about the chew bones lately and he was trying to maintain possession of both of them at once. He had chewed his down to a smaller nub, but it was still too large to swallow. When I moved towards him to try and retrieve Dexter's chewbone, this little rascal hurriedly swallowed that big hunk of chew bone. Or he tried, anyway. He immediately started acting weird and I thought he was choking. He didn't seem to be able to breathe around it. I was about to go into a full-on panic. He emitted two loud squeaks and stopped in his tracks, sitting with his neck extended and a look of fear on his face. I could see his sides moving, so he was moving air. He sat there in that same position, looking distressed while that large hunk of chew bone slowly went down his stupid, stupid neck. I'm lucky we didn't have to have a second surgery ordeal. And really, we're not out of the woods because it could become lodged somewhere. I am watching him to make sure he isn't suddenly unable to poo or something. So far, no problem. He's a poop machine. He poops more volume than he eats. I'm not sure how he is pulling that off, but trust me.


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