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2015-05-15 - 4:57 p.m.

I guess the drought is over. In more ways than one. We have had so much rain this year. I've heard that we should also be having not quite as hellish a summer as usual. Regardless, I'll still be in Colorado missing the worst of the heat this summer. Cause life is good.

I'm taking TGIF seriously today. Seriously. Thank God it's Friday. I am so over this work week. I have the house to myself. (Yay) The boy is off on some ill-advised adventure.

A couple of days ago, I made a huge batch of chicken salad. Like, a Tupperware container cram-packed full of it and the boy asked me if he could just take the whole thing to work for his lunch. I looked at him incredulously and fairly screeched the word "NO", spider monkey style, to emphasize the ridiculousness of one person eating enough chicken salad for a log rolling in one sitting. I made that chicken salad from a low carb recipe with the intention of having several lunches from it and sharing *some* of it with him. It was meant to last for at least a few days. Next day at lunch time, I find that there is just barely enough for one sandwich. He effectively took it all anyway. That's 5 dollars worth of chicken down his lunch hole. It is that sort of thing that makes me want to invite him to move da fuck out. He knew I didn't want him to hog it all up, and so he "technically" didn't take it all, but effectively the shit is gone. Ya know? I confronted him about it and he said "SORRY! I eat a lot, OK?!"

Not ok.

Not ok at all.

My granny used to say when a kid gets so grown that they can't be bothered to follow the rules, it's time for them to get their own place.

Wise woman, my Granny.

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