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2015-05-13 - 10:00 p.m.

I had a great day. Awesome meeting with the new boss. I know from this day with her that we are on the same page. She went into better detail about her vision for the future and I understand that she really does need me for these future plans. I feel much better.

Yesterday's post may seem somewhat confusing. I'm not ready to explain yet. If my ex sees it, he will think I am criticizing him. I'm not. I fell in love with him many years ago and I still love and care about him. I want good things for him. I just have new insight into things that have been such a mystery for me for so long. I understand what went down and why he did what he did. It all makes sense now and that is just beautiful peace in my heart right now. I may explain this all later. I am still absorbing and letting it all resonate. But resonate it does.

It is .... serious relief... to finally understand. It helps me put it all in perspective and it somehow lessens the pain to see it in a more objective or clinical way. Less hurtful.

I'll always love him and want the best for him. I will always be his friend. I will help him if he ever needs or wants my help.


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