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2015-05-10 - 3:11 p.m.

I've had an awesome day so far. I love my Sunday mornings. I get up around 9:00 or 9:30 after a nice snooze, I do my dog-related chores which includes taking them outside to do business, giving everyone their respective meds, feeding them, and another trip outdoors in case anyone has the urge to splurge. Then I come in and make my buttered coffee and turn on my Super Soul Sunday. I get peace, well-being, and reflective contemplation out of that practice. Last week's show comes on at 9:00 am, the current week's episode comes on at 10 am and is repeated at 1:00 pm.

Today, while I was in the dog chores portion of my Sunday morning rituals, the power went out. BLIP. Gone. I wasn't too worried, since that very thing happened one day last week and was only out for less than one minute. No such luck this time. I got a text from Entergy telling me there was an outage. (I had already detected this with my exquisitely honed detection skills.) The estimated time to expect the power back on was 11:30 am. Not too awful, since it isn't so very hot yet and my show repeats at 1 pm. Naturally, they missed their time estimate and another text came at 11:45 telling me that the new estimate was 2:30 pm. (Insert frowny faces right here.)

I thought to myself "Eff Dis" and I set about getting ready for an outing. I thought maybe I would go to lunch but then I remembered it's Mother's Day so every possible restaurant will be packed. Plus, my mom and my kid are 5 hours away and I would be a lonely mom in a packed restaurant if I elected to wait for a table somewhere. I decided to go to Barnes & Noble, because I've been known to enjoy a bookstore or two in my day. Remember, I still haven't even had a drop of coffee at this point. There is a Starbucks in Barnes & Noble. This is a winning plan! So I got all readied up, went out to the garage, and pushed the button for the garage door opener.



I tried to open the door manually which didn't work out so well. There's a way to unlock the mechanism and lift the door manually, but I don't know how to do it and didn't feel like trying to figure it out in the dark garage. So I came back in. Gave up. Resigned myself to spending the time reading my new issue of Psychology Today and waiting for the power to come back on. I know they often overshoot the estimate, so I figured the power may actually come back on before 2 pm and if so, I could just hit the back button and rewind my 1 pm show up to the beginning. (Nice perk to Directv)I could rewind it as long as the show had not finished playing before I hit that arrow.

So take a wild guess what happened? My service was restored at 2:02. No rewind for me. Missed it by 2 minutes. Of course.

Ees ok though, because they will rerun it next week at 9 am and hopefully my power won't be off at the time. I used to lose power frequently before Hurricane Ike happened. When the hurricane hit, it ruined a lot of the equipment in my town and they had to replace all the transformers. This made life much better, since we were suddenly able to withstand a light rain without losing power. Big time improvements! I hope it's a fluke that the power has gone off twice in a week's time. I have no patience for that nonsense.

Today's ordeal was caused by a downed tree. It's windy as all get out. We were supposed to have terrible weather, but so far it's just wind.

~Random Tidbit of info~

Let me tell you how I am a hypocrite. True confession: I get annoyed when people make a lot of unfunny jokes, but I myself never get tired of a joke that I find funny and I delight in retelling it to my victim, even if they don't find it funny... um... *especially* if they don't find it funny.

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