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2015-05-05 - 4:13 p.m.

Oh blustery day... how you blow my skirt up and muss my hair.

I'm about to lay a wild theory on you. Here's what I'm thinking... I watched a movie called "Lucy" in which Scarlett Johansson plays a regular bimbo type character who accidentally is mega dosed with a crystal drug that causes her to be able to access an increasingly larger percentage of her brain until she reaches 100% and I'll hold back on the outcome, since it's not cool to spoil it if you're going to watch.

Personal note: Remember "City of Angels"? I'm sorry I blew that for you. I didn't think you were going to watch it. That is a funny/sweet memory for me.

But I digress... So, Morgan Freeman plays a college professor and in the movie, he is teaching a class about brain usage. He explains that dolphins actually use 20% of their brain and because of this, they have this incredibly highly developed radar, way better than anything we can build. He also explains that we humans use way less of our brain capacity. As the movie goes on, the percentage of brain access is flashed on the screen as they are showing the crazy things she can do. As her capacity goes up, she becomes able to control matter, control all of her bodily processes, change her hair color at will, etc. She can see things that were not visible to her at a lower brain capacity. She is rapidly progressing towards 100% brain capacity.

So here's my theory: Being raised Christian, I believe in God. Being a scientist, I believe in the universe. Being me, I think Universe and God are one and the same. People who have near death experiences often talk about "the afterlife" in terms of brilliant amazing colors unlike anything they've ever seen in life. Since we are made of energy and energy doesn't die, it just transforms, we will transform when we pass from this life and I suspect that the brilliant colors that people see in "heaven" may be the result of having the human limitation taken off. In other words, maybe we will have full access and will see all the colors and do things humans can't do. We won't have a physical brain anymore, so the thoughts and abilities that are intangible but definitely exist will not have a limited course to run anymore. We won't have the limitation that a human body imposes.

Basically, I think that once we leave our physical body behind we will just be what we were before we came here... an energy that has full capacity and can see all the colors of infinity that actually do exist on either side of the rainbow. Do you realize that there are infinite colors in a spectrum before you get to infrared and after you pass ultraviolet? Scientific fact. The human eye cannot see anything beyond that tiny spectrum, but it's definitely there and if we had access to more of our brain, we would be able to see every bit of it. Maybe our human body is the only thing keeping us from total access. If we knew how awesome it is to use our whole brain, no one would want to stay and do the "Earth School".

This leads me to the next part of my theory. I recently saw a video of a 1950's housewife who consented to do an experiment in which she was given some LSD and then her reactions were recorded. It's a funny video, but the thing that stands out to me is that she starts talking about "the colors" and says she can see the molecules in the air. She asks the interviewer "Can't you see the molecules?" and when he says that he cannot see them she says "I feel sorry for you.". I think that just *maybe* acid opens up a part of the brain that we don't normally have access to. I think maybe she WAS seeing the molecules.

As humans we have these human limitations. We most certainly go on after we drop the meat suit. What if once we leave the body (or occasionally when we artificially simulate that through certain hallucinogenic drugs) we can access larger parts of our brains, seeing things we couldn't see before and being able to control matter, teleport our energy, and who knows what else?

Interesting to think about, isn't it?

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