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2015-04-30 - 9:56 p.m.

Recently, around the time my uncle died, I had a weird experience with doves landing in my yard and one particular dove that kept sitting on the fence, staring at my window. I sit facing that window as I work each day so I was watching this dove watching me through my window for a long while that day. I thought to myself that it was probably my uncle, saying hello. Today I realized that I've been having experiences with doves since he died, culminating with the dove hitting the windshield of the car I was in on the way to the funeral. Probably a coincidence, but odd, huh? Do you think loved ones can send creatures as a message after they die?

Yesterday my mother wanted us to sit outside on the porch swing in her yard and I didn't want to sit there for longer than a few minutes, because I'll burn. Hello... fair skinned ginger Irish girl here. So I didn't stay out there for more than maybe 10 or 15 minutes at most, but I burned anyway. I can feel it right now. It doesn't have blisters thank goodness, but it's a little sore.

I slept like a dead thing last night and woke up right on time for work. Just as if it were a work day for me. I don't even need a clock. I wake up without it. My poor buddy is having to do all her work and mine too while I am out. She will definitely give me an opportunity to return the favor for her soon.

Personal note: Twice since I've been at my folks house with the new puppy, my dad has commented that the puppy looks like you. It's a look he gets in his eyes that he says is your look. Before now, I was not aware that my dad found you impossibly adorable. Makes me smile.

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