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2015-04-29 - 11:43 p.m.

The funeral was a really nice tribute to my uncle. He was a pilot and a veteran, so there were the Military Honors with 2 very handsome soldiers meticulously folding the flag and presenting it to my uncle's widow. They played Taps. It was sad. Some of the other pilots who knew and loved my uncle did a fly by. A bunch of airplanes flew over very low. The guy who did the service told stories about how my uncle was always a jokester. He was always one to buzz people in his plane. He did trick flying and he would swoop his plane low and make people dive for cover. My uncle also survived 3 plane crashes, or crash landings. I remember learning as a child that crop dusters had a life expectancy of 9 years after they start flying, so I guess he did alright to make it to 67 years old.

He would have loved his funeral. On the way there, a dove hit the windshield of the car I was in. Doesn't that seem odd? Never before in my life have I had the experience of a bird hitting the windshield. Later, back at my mom's house, a butterfly kept flying all around me. Like, persistently. Butterflies are meaningful to me.

Once the initial sadness of seeing my bereaved family was over, we were able to have a nice visit with everyone. The people of my uncle's church put on a big luncheon for all of us and it was very nice. If you've not been to a southern Baptist "Eatin' Meetin", you should put it on your to do list. Church ladies can lay down some grub.

So now the big dreaded event is over. We're all exhausted, mentally and physically. I'm going to hit the hay and hopefully sleep well. Last night I kept realizing I was still awake... all night long. I got very little sleep and I had to get up very early.


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