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2015-04-23 - 11:06 p.m.


There was a mix up when both "Opiate" by Tool and "Songs of Innocence" by U2 were being pressed into vinyl records. Some of the U2 sleeves had the Tool record in them. What a delightful little bit of providence.

This is what Tool had to say:

“Some very lucky people who purchased U2’s Songs of Innocence during a recent record store release found instead a copy of Tool’s 1992 Opiate EP inside,” the band wrote. “Kind of makes you believe in mysterious higher powers doesn’t it?”


Puppy update:

One of my pup's eyes is infected. One side was more swollen and has been more complicated all along. That eye is now cloudy and it scared the peanuts out of me this morning when I got him up for the day. The vet gave me new antibiotic drops for it, which are easier to administer than the ointment. I also have an ointment to give as well, so we're still in ointment hell. I didn't even know ointment hell was a thing, until this cherry eye ordeal.

The grim reaper is still hanging out at my Uncle's house. They are on a first name basis now. We hear that uncle is unlikely to live through the night. We shall see. I'm in limbo until the funeral is over.

Life is the stuff that happens in between funerals.

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