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2015-04-21 - 12:29 p.m.

So I've hit a big snag with my new Amazon Prime music experience. They don't have the rights to share any music that Maynard makes which means any Amazon playlists I made would be woefully lacking in Tool, Puscifer, and A Perfect Circle. This music is the sound track to my life and I cannot do without Maynard. The Amazon music is still good for other things, like playing whole albums and making playlists of music they do have rights to share. They do have lots of good stuff, but I dislike the limitation. If Pandora has a similar limitation, I haven't discovered it. I guess I'll be suffering the commercials some more.

My huge droid phone updated the OS and now I can't find stuff. I wish they would update without taking away stuff I like!

There is a chameleon climbing on the outside of my window. He'd be so embarrassed if he knew he was showing his entire underbelly to a stranger.

My work load was crazy light today. I had exactly 2 charts to code. Well, only 2 charts with attached deadlines for today. The rest of the day I am filling with concurrent coding. I review each chart once a week or so and code newly scanned documents to keep an ongoing list of codes. That way at the end all has been caught and coded. Sometimes things happen during the stay that changes reimbursement and it's best to catch those things as they happen so the length of stay can be adjusted to prevent truncated payments. TMI, right?

I am lonesome for my twin flame. I'm a bit... melancholy about it today. Bleh.


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