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2015-04-14 - 4:08 p.m.

My uncle is performing the longest death scene in the history of death scenes. The doctors said it would only be a matter of a few hours till he died after life support was taken off. Homey is still hanging in there. Apparently he can move air after all. It sounds like I want him to die, but really I just want him to miss the suffering. He is not going to get any better. He will just lose breath capacity until he can't breathe at all. Right now, he is slowly, slowly, ever so slowly losing the battle in his lungs.

Everyone has lined up and said their fond farewells. Tears and more tears have been shed. People are having to go back to work. It's getting a little awkward at this point. I guess we should have expected as much from him. He is a prankster, after all. What is a more diabolical prank than dragging out your death scene for a week or two? If he can die, revive briefly, and die again, I'm sure he'll do that too.

I love my uncle.

I took the baby boy to the animal hospital and he has already had his surgery. He's fine. I am going to pick him up soon. I hope he is not in pain or anything. I'm going to have to be putting eye drops in his eyes for a while and he is not the most cooperative guy when it comes to that kind of thing. I don't know if he will have to wear the cone of shame or not. I bought him a little toy. "The bad news is you're having eye surgery. The good news is you get this awesome dog toy as a consolation prize." That'll fly.

I finished my work by about 11 am today and have just been messing around ever since. I went grocery shopping over my lunch break. I have to go meet with our new division leaders tomorrow. I hope I get a good opportunity to reinforce the concept that I'm doing a job that equals in volume the job they are paying 3 to 6 people to do. This particular boss I'm meeting with thinks there should be 1 to 2 coders in each facility. I do 3 facilities by myself. So if there were 1 to 2 coders in my 3 buildings that is 3 to 6 salaries and benefit packages they would be paying instead of ONE salary and benefit package I am paid. I do hope she is capable of the very simple math. I've heard she is not a fan of home office workers.

In the meantime, I have been approached by a head hunter who has remote jobs that I'm qualified for and they pay a range that extends to about 25% more than I already make on the high end of the range. I have the experience to place in the high end. I'm going to check into it. I received a catalog in the mail and an invitation to order something from it for my 5 years of service with this company. I'm surprised. I need to get that done. They are pretty nice things too. There's Waterford Crystal, jewelry, art, small appliances, cookware, etc. A pleasant surprise for sure.

I need to go get my little furbaby.

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