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2015-04-09 - 3:22 p.m.

On Thursdays I have 2 conference calls. I always endeavor to keep the background quiet around here so as to maintain my professional façade. That can be a difficult task around here, since I have bitey little dogs, occasional onslaughts of family guests, and a guitar playing, TV watching, video gaming nephew who somehow manages to be off work on my phone calling day.

Today, the boy was asleep and the dogs were being noisy so I gave them each chew bones to keep them happy and quiet during my calls. Unfortunately, it wasn't the perfect solution that I imagined it would be. Such an appalling ruckus of lip smacking and grunting took place that I feared my colleagues were going to ask me if there was a herd of hogs in my office! Nope, just a couple of lip smacking dogs.

Thank goodness the calls are behind me for today and I am free to play and shirk my responsibilities. Whew!

In my line of work, I see a lot of interesting names. I sure am glad that my name is not Dorcas. Just saying...

I'm sure it seemed like a good idea back in the day when it was so much closer to the time when this biblical name "Dorcas" was current news. Nowadays a kid named Dorcas would go through pure hell.

I'm in a Colorado state of mind here lately. Contemplating the trip this summer makes me remember how much I love the mountains and the fantastic summer weather. There's a whole different vibe there. The people in Estes Park are friendly and many of the locals are from someplace else. They went on vacation there and never wanted to leave. They still do things on the honor system, if you can believe that. You can still get something free there.

I went into a restaurant and tried to buy a drink of water one day and they wouldn't let me pay for it. The local grocery store let us roll the groceries back to the condo in a shopping cart. "Just take it... bring it back later." The town shuttle system is completely free and no tips are accepted. So it's really and truly no cost whatsoever. Sometimes people hand out free water bottles. I guess they don't want to see tourists laid out from dehydration because they didn't realize that in arid climates your sweat actually evaporates. You can evaporate down to dehydration before you know you broke a sweat. Don't worry, you'll get thirsty before you perish. Chances are some kind soul will be nearby with an ice cold drink of water for you right about the time you hit 98% parched.

Bwah, do you play Clash of Clans? I am a beast in Clash of clans. I'm #1 in my clan right now. I'm going to scale it back a bit so I won't be such a target. Yesterday I was raiding errbody.... hide yo kids... hide yo wife... I'm raidin' errbody.

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