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2015-04-05 - 12:30 p.m.

I've been reflecting on my life and all the many things I've been through that have brought me to my current circumstances. This morning I was listening to Tim Storey talk about his book about setbacks and comebacks. He was talking about things that happen to people that set them back and sometimes cause them to lose their way. He mentioned several things, such as... maybe you've lost a job, had a business that failed, gone through a divorce, faced a disease, lost your love, etc. It struck me that I have been through everything he listed. Maybe I should be a depressed heap on the floor! I've been through a lot of setbacks in my day. However, I am fortunate to have been born a naturally contented person and a resourceful rebounder. I've been through a lot, but I am still happy, grateful, and expectant of more good things. I am inspired by this beautiful amazing world we live in. It bothers me that the possibilities of places to go and things to do so far out number our time (in a lifetime) to pursue these explorations, not to mention that we don't all have the means to go and do it all.

I saw an exciting article about 10 cities around the world where you can live cheaply and experience something exotic. Basically, you can get a decent apartment for less than 200 bucks a month in some places! The price range was between "less than $200 a month" to $590 a month. Most were in the $300 - $350 range. These cities also have reasonable restaurant prices and a couple of them said you can get a liter of beer for 80 cents or a dollar. Most of the cities were places I'd like to see. On the list was Budapest, Hungary, 2 cities in southern Spain, a place in Greece, Prague, Czech Republic, Kiev, Ukraine was the cheapest, but who in their right mind would go to Ukraine right now? Some of the cities gave a price per day. For example, you can do a certain city on 25 bucks a day, including food, lodging, and transportation. I would guess that one may have to stay in hostels at that price and could end up in bathroom-sharing situations and living in less than optimal comfort, shall we say. I'm not down with hostels and discomfort, but the idea of a decent private apartment in a foreign city center for $300 a month is really attractive to me. I could actually do that. I could go on a sabbatical and just live some crazy place for 6 months or so. One of the cities, which I cannot remember right now, has free wifi throughout the city plus cheap rent and food. I would like to do some serious world exploring and I wish I had a like-minded person to go with me. Someone who also had a wish to live and experience the world. People on average are so complacent and defeated. Most people don't even dream outside their little bubble. I have a theory that MOST people just float along without the realization that you have finite time to inhabit this body, you might as well GO FOR IT.

As for me, I will go for it. Alone if I must. I don't know if I will take that 6 month foreign sabbatical, but I just might. I will most definitely be doing some level of world traveling. I already have seen most of my country including Hawaii, and a good chunk of Europe. I've moved to the 4th largest city in the USA by my damn self, and I've flown all over the country. I've experienced marriage and business ownership, both to disastrous results, I've put myself through college, bought myself a few cars, and bought myself a nice house, furnished it, decorated it, and made it into a home. I am capable, if nothing else!

I have stuff to say, I have a destiny to fulfill, I have love to give, and I'm worthy. I've finally learned and really internalized that I am worthy. In my early life, I was a text book perfectionist. Now I think perfectionism comes from a place of feeling unworthy. The perfectionist thinks their value has to come from doing a perfect job at whatever they are trying to do because the perfectionist doesn't realize they are already worthy. It doesn't come from what you do. It comes from what you ARE.

Happy Easter

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