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2015-04-02 - 11:43 a.m.

It is so peaceful in here when the pups are napping. They have me well trained to tend to all their little routines first thing in the morning. First, I have to let the baby out of the kennel and carry him outside to make sure he doesn't stop to take a whiz on my floor on his way out to the yard. ::flat stare:: He hasn't yet figured out that the only place it's ok to do business is out in the yard. He thinks you just stop and let it go, wherever you're at, though he is pretty good about doing his business as soon as I set him down outside. As long as I make sure he goes out frequently, there's no atrocities being committed indoors.

He doesn't go potty inside the kennel, fortunately. He really likes it and at night when he gets tired, he goes and puts himself to bed in the kennel. I shut the door to it when I go to bed to make sure he doesn't get up before me and do bad things. So after the morning pee & poo the dogs are both ready for some grub. I have to go through a little mini-ordeal to feed them because little guy will jump right in Dexter's food dish. I put down a small amount of food for Jax on one side of the kitchen island and Dexter's goes on the other side. Then I have to guard Dexter's because small fry can back him off the food already. He's a rough rider. I also give the baby his food split in 2 halves to keep him from scarfing and barfing. I make sure the first half of his food is down and not coming back up before I give him the second half. We had one unfortunate scarf and barf incident that made necessary this new procedure.

After the grub has been had, it's time for another trip outside or a little play time. The baby feels FANTASTIC after he's had food or done his business and some running and fighting over toys needs to happen to mark the occasion. Eventually, when I've done all these things, I can sit down to start my work. Inevitably, somebody needs something as soon as I get situated. Today, Dexter was needy and wanted to sit on my lap while I work and shorly after that, Jax came along and wanted some affection. We went outside again, Dexter lost his mind and peed on my pot of petunias so I had to get the hose and wash it away, lest Junior get the impression it's ok to pee on the porch. After watering my tangerine tree and noting the very first tangerine of the year has started growing, I came inside and started again to do my work. And the pups have each settled into a comfy spot for a nap. Yay.

Someone needs to stop me from ordering from Amazon while I still have 2 nickels to rub together. I am loving the Amazon Prime. I have had this dangerous realization that pretty much anything I want can be in my hot little hands in 2 days if I order it from Amazon. The people at Amazon are geniuses. Just as my beloved told me, shopping online is the wave of the future. I buy grocery items online and have them delivered to me for free. Can't beat that.

So yesterday I received a package with my personal horoscope book for 2015. I couldn't get it on my Nook this year but naturally Amazon had it. My love section said this ridiculously accurate thing: "You are attracted by unconventional people. This has been a trend for some years now. Plain vanilla is not for you. Your love has to be a genius - a high tech programmer or engineer," there's more but you get the drift.

This is so on target and funny. I thought "Tell me something I don't know." I cannot imagine how anyone gets sexually attracted to an intellectually dim person. A smart mate is just my own personal preference. Dumb people need and deserve love too. (disclaimer) My sister likes for her mate to be less intelligent than her due to some kind of inferiority complex where intelligence is concerned, I suspect. She's no dummy, so I don't understand her feeling like she needs to suffer a fool in order to level the playing field in this way. She has dated some straight up idiots. If someone is stupid, it totally kills any chance of me being attracted to them. Intelligent conversation has to exist in my world. I have to be able to respect my man's mind. I'd be embarrassed if my mate was a twit. Like it's somehow my fault. heh

Yikes, I need to get my stuff together for conference call number 1. I have to do 2 conferences today. ::sigh::


I had to come back and post this: I just coded the chart of a very unfortunate man, in his mid 30's, who is undergoing horrible painful treatment due to 3rd degree burns on his JUNK, both thighs, and his right hand (injured trying to slap out the fire on his junk, I'm guessing) and GUESS how he got on fire??? His cell phone exploded in his pants pocket!!!

If this isn't a reason to stop carrying a cell phone close to your person, I don't know what is. Aye carumba! I would say a phone pouch that clips on the side of your belt would be better than the front pocket near your "special purpose".

A 3rd degree burn is full thickness of the skin. Full skin loss. I bet he doesn't even have junk anymore, actually. This is serious. He's probably going to be rich enough to buy a himself new wiener after the lawsuits are done.

Poor guy. My heart goes out to him.

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