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2015-04-01 - 12:32 p.m.

Joy of joys, my hardcase friend who has been diligently trying to kill herself with carbs has come on over to the dark side where we have sugar free cookies. She says she is going to try the ketogenic lifestyle. I guess I wore her down. heh

A couple of my cousins are now dieting furiously because they can't let me be skinny by myself. They are going to fail though, because they are on a severe crash diet. You can't really succeed that way. As soon as they stop starving, they'll start gaining. My parents have kicked most carbs to the curb and they are loving the food on their new plan. My mother, who couldn't lose a pound to save her soul has lost 3 pounds in one week, without starving, and now she is a believer.

Back to my friend... I am worried that she will not succeed because I don't know if she has the ability to be honest with herself to the degree it will require to succeed. You have to be strict and really let go of the carbs. She is likely to eat a bunch of hidden carbs in things like sweet salad dressings and then not count those carbs. This could prevent her from going into ketosis or could make her have a long drawn out transition period. She will then blame the diet and quit. Or she will say she is somehow different than every other human organism on earth and for some magical reason the plan doesn't work for just her.

I am trying to prepare her for this reality: When you are going into ketosis, it doesn't feel good. You have to be prepared to brave it and remain steadfast. If you can't tough it out for a few days or even a few weeks, you're beat. But if you can hang tough and get keto-adapted, it is SO worth it. Once you make it there, your cravings just cease to be. Your appetite decreases dramatically, and everything goes into perspective. All of a sudden you are running things instead of things running you. I hope she will make the decision to just refuse failure. I feel like this will save her life if she will place her health above her comfort zone for a couple weeks.

I do have the ability to take the bull by the horns and make shit happen. I have a will of steel. STEEL I tell you! I always knew I could change my life, but I knew it would mean a radical and lasting change, not just a period of behaving a certain way. I put it off and now I regret having done that. I didn't know it would be a fun journey. I didn't realize that it would be easy and effortless after a period of time. The key to permanent change is making your new way of being your new comfort zone. Your preferred way of being. I have achieved that and this is why I know I will never go back to the old ways.

I have sort of bumbled my way into most of the good things I have in my life. I accidentally picked a fantastic profession that allowed me to eventually do my work from home. That was not a conscious wish when I started, but it has evolved into the best thing ever. I accidentally became pretty proficient at using "The Law of Attraction" in my life. Without knowing I was doing it, I've used visualization and I have gotten pretty good at letting the universe know what to send me. I'm working on a new thing right now.

My health has seemed like an unbeatable problem for many years, but just like Glenda the good witch told Dorothy: "You always had the power my dear. You had it all along." I did have it in me all along! I could have done this at any point in time. I feel like I allowed myself to lag behind physically. I wish I hadn't waited so long, but I guess I needed to for some reason. I'm sure my life would have taken a whole different trajectory if things had been otherwise.

So many people just float along and fail to direct their own course. So many people are not true to themselves. So many people allow themselves to keep some mediocre status quo for fear of going for the real thing. Deliver us from this kind of slow death!

I certainly don't have it ALL together...I was once a runaway bride.. then I married one I didn't really love... then I lost one I really did love. I would have to say my love life is something I have failed miserably at. Now that my health is no longer a problem, I only have that one area of my life that is a complete loss. I guess overall, I'm doing ok in life, though it would be nice to have love. Like, all requited and shit. Maybe I'll get that mess all sorted out one day. Hope springs eternal. Right?

Thought for the day: "Let your life be an inspiration rather than a cautionary tale".

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