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2015-03-25 - 7:08 p.m.

My trip is off. I am sick as a dog. My throat is exquisitely sore. Yesterday I thought I was having an allergic reaction to the pollen but this morning I woke up in such pain it was scary. I really hated to give up on my trip and admit that I have been zapped by a bug, but by early afternoon, I was clearly sick. I feel weak and hurty. My skin is sore and I have fever. I went to urgent care to get swabbed for flu and get Tamiflu to knock it out fast if that was positive. The doctor said I don't have flu, but my throat has got to go! He diagnosed me with pharyngitis and gave me a Z pack. So I cancelled my trip and took my first dose and now we wait.

It hurts.

I need to scrounge up some food. I haven't had a thing to eat. My appetite totally leaves me when I'm sick. I know I need to eat though, because my stomach is growling and it's way past time.

Oh, my skin.

Oh my fevered brow.

I need some soft jammies and a cup of broth, I think.

The pups are playing. They are very growly when they play. They are like two angry ducks just going at it. Little Jax gets the rips and runs around in the yard like a wee maniac. He hops up and off the patio. He could just step off the patio, it's the same level as the grass, but where is the fun in that? He prefers to exit the patio with a flourish.

Ok... time to get comfy and find something I can swallow without having to call 911.

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