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2015-03-22 - 1:12 p.m.

I've just seen my parents off after their weekend visit at my house. I accomplished my goal of "shock and awe" with my low carb food. They loved it and couldn't believe it was all low to no carbs. My mom is ready to get the grains out of her diet. I sent her home with a bag of almond flour and she picked up some Golden Flax Meal when we were out shopping. My sweet dad worked on my vacuum cleaner and made a new machine of it, put together my gorgeous new coffee table that arrived in a huge box and had to be assembled, and he manned the grill when we had a BBQ. I joke that poor dad gets worked like a rented mule when he comes to visit but the truth is, he likes to be asked to man the grill and do things for me. He likes to do a few helpful things while he is at my house. My mom is helpful too. She is always sneaking in to do dishes before I get a chance. She has been known to rearrange things at my house. Sometimes after she leaves I can't find things. I love my folks.

The baby pup has cherry eye bilaterally now. I wonder if allergies can contribute to it because we are right in the midst of pollen-geddon at the moment. There is yellow dust all over everything outside. He seems to be sneezing and reacting to the pollen. It may just be a congenital weakness causing the prolapse. I'll be glad when his eyes are fixed. Mid-April is when he is having surgery.

Last night I had my "shopping in Germany" dream. It's always a sign of good things. It was like a nice visit. My dreams often put me in close contact with beloved people and places that I'm missing in my waking life.

I think I'll grab a little overtime today and get some things done in advance, since I'm going to be off 3 days this upcoming week. Except for my annual vacation when I go to Colorado, I usually try not to take Mondays and Tuesdays off so I can keep my buddy from having to do much of my stuff, but now they've tightened our deadlines to such an extreme degree that she will have to complete some of my stuff, I think. My company leaders are so greedy, they want the bill to drop before the patient leaves the building.

Look at my FB wall bwah... I posted a picture of my new coffee table. I've been living in this house coming up on 3 years without a proper coffee table because I wasn't sure what I wanted, but I knew that I would know it when I saw it. Sure enough, I spotted it in an ad for a sofa and loveseat. There was no info about the tables in this ad for a sofa so I had to investigate and find out what brand and style the coffee table was. I found it and ordered it on the spot. It's beautiful.

My aim is to furnish and decorate my home with things I really like. My early life was about just having whatever I could afford. Now my aim is to have what I actually like and in this endeavor, a theme has emerged in my home décor. My house is about places. Places I've been and places I'd like to go. The whole house has a European look and feel to it and when you walk in my front door, which is an 8 foot high castle door, there is a large painting of the Amalfi Coast and there are some framed drawings of buildings in Europe as well as some beautiful glass and metal European looking model buildings. Throughout the home there are touches of Europe. I like paintings that take me someplace.

It's nice outside today, pollen count notwithstanding. It's not hot or cold... it's just perfect. Hmmm.. do I really want to work today? Or go outside and play?

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