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2015-03-20 - 11:32 a.m.

The evil spectre of change lurks around my happy job, threatening my blissful, low stress work situation. Me and my best friend at work are the only two in the pool of 40 coders who do a certain specialty. Since we have now acquired a chain of facilities in that line of work, my buddy and I are being given to these strangers as a part of their team to form a new division for our company. Starting today, we have to address our questions and concerns to these new people who don't particularly like the fact that we work from home. Fortunately, they have a logistical problem that will prevent them from ripping us out of our home offices at this point in time, but I just have a feeling they will try to do that at their first feasible opportunity. As of today, we have a new turn around time for completing our work. It is 1/3 of the time all the other coders in our vast company have. The new addition facilities all have coders in the individual buildings, so they are in the same space with the charts and can just go get whatever they need. Each coder has only 1 facility to code. I have 3 facilities to code and yet I'm still expected to do it in 1 business day. This is ridiculous bullshit, but I can change my schedule of how I do things to accommodate this. I like the way I do it now and the deadline imposed by the paying agency is 27 days. But my new bosses give 1 day. Does that seem retarded or what? I will do my schedule however it needs to go in order to prevent having to work on site. If I jump through my butt getting their ridiculous and unfair deadlines met and they still try to send me to a building to work, I will be resigning. Cause fuck that.

Working from home has been like an extended vacation and I'm not ready or willing to give that up. There are tons of other jobs in my field. I just wanted to stay with this one since I just passed my 5 year mark. I got a raise and didn't even know it. My buddy tells me when I've had a raise. I got one last year too and had no idea until she asked me to look and see if I got one, since she did. You'd think they would tell us when we've been awarded a raise. I've been raking in the overtime too. I'll bet the new Sheriff in town will put a stop to that too.

I just needed to rant a little.

Hey.. if you happen to be a big hairy white man with long hair, a fast talking Philly accent, and an intense liking for oatmeal raisin cookies and green eyed redheads, do know that someone in Texas loves you.

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