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2015-03-18 - 5:50 p.m.

Now I have to come back in and file an addendum. I ranted about my much loved nephew leaving me high and dry with yard work needing to be done and today he came home from work and jumped on it with both feet. He pulled weeds, trimmed things up, and swept along the sidewalk and driveway. It looks nice out there now. He is a sweet boy. I'm glad murder is not legal and he lived to see another day.

He is very protective of me and recently he got mad because this man that I rejected keeps calling me. Recently the guy called me 3 times in a row before 5 am and I posted something about someone calling me at 4:49 am. Nephew saw that post, knew who had been calling all night, and he took it upon himself to tell the guy "Stop calling my aunt, Motherfucker." That's slightly harsher than the tone I've taken with the unwanted suitor. haha. However, I was crystal clear about having zero interest in dating him. I told him every single thing about him was a deal breaker for me and it could never ever happen. You can't get much more clear than that, I would think.

We are armed to the teeth up in here and when the nephew is going to be out of town, he brings out a few of the guns from his arsenal and places them here and there around the house so I have quick access in case someone stops by in need of a good shooting. I would totally shoot someone who busted up in my house. Here in Texas, you shoot first and ask questions later. And if they run out the door, you grab 'em, drag 'em back in, and shoot 'em again. You can't go to your neighbor's house and shoot them there. You have to wait for them to come to you.

Details, details.

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