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2015-03-10 - 10:54 a.m.

Your health is everything. EVERYTHING. Ya hear me? I was inspired to write about this because I am coding the chart of a guy who is way too young to be in the condition he is in. He has an ileostomy, which is an artificial opening to poop through, into a bag which is attached to you. Like a colostomy, just in a different spot on the intestinal tract. He is very freaked out about this thing and the doctor noted that he is filled with anxiety and won't even look at the ileostomy site, much less do the care that he has to learn to do. This is such an awful situation.

People need to take control of their health and do everything they can to maintain the best possible health. Sometimes illness befalls a person and there's no prevention for it, and this is double reason to do everything you possibly can to maximize your health and prevent those things that you can.

Most of the charts I code come down to lifestyle choices that have put these people into these lousy life circumstances. I coded the charts of diabetics with amputations for years, being horrified at what they go through, but still eating wrong and allowing my diabetes to progress. I guess I always thought I would straighten up when I had to. And you know what? I actually did. But how I wish I had corrected myself years ago! I went through some things I didn't have to go through. I wish I had known about the ketogenic lifestyle and about the damage that carbs were doing to my metabolism so I could stop it years ago and totally prevent the diabetes. My unmedicated fasting blood sugar was 115 this morning. My next diabetes test won't even show diabetes because my blood sugar simply doesn't elevate anymore. It was very well worth giving up my carb eating ways.

I want my parents to get sugar and gluten out of their lives. I understand people being hesitant. Everyone thinks it's too hard. I used to think so too, but once you give up the fight and just get in there, you find that there is a really good replacement for everything and this lifestyle is so easy and sustainable. One fat friend tells me the food is too expensive, but she is wasting so much money on processed carby snacks, she would actually save money if she lived on real food and got rid of her all-consuming ravenous appetite.

I must sign off and accomplish things now. I've got a world of tragic charts to code. I don't want any of the people I love to become one of these tragic charts. QQ

I must add something. I was looking at myself all naked in the mirror and thought I look different here lately, so I started taking measurements and found that I'm 2 full inches smaller around than I was last time I measured! I haven't thought to measure in a while, but I'm glad I did, cause wow!

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