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2015-02-16 - 5:14 p.m.

My new and improved health status is the result of my recognizing a crossroads in my life and choosing to reclaim my health. I have a friend who came to the same crossroads in her life and she chose the other direction. Instead of throwing out the carbs and starting to exercise and change her situation, she decided to have a snack and take more naps. Her personality has changed in a short time and now when I talk to her, she calls me "Dear" and her voice sounds faded. She seems to have made the choice to be an invalid. That is what her mother did. You'd think her mother's sad fate would be a cautionary tale for her to heed, but instead, she seems to be trying to claim that same awful fate for herself.

I've been trying to get her to stop being totally inert for literally years. She lives in poverty, has a husband who is not too overly much of an provider, but she leaves it his sole obligation to earn the entire living, poor bastard. She does nothing all the livelong day but lay on her ass, eat carbs, and sleep. She will not get a job, she will not learn a skill, take a class, avoid death... essentially she will not do a single thing to help herself. She told me her blood sugar went over 500 one day recently.

My friend is going to die.

I gave her a bit of a scolding about that blood sugar and tried to wake her up a little. I think she is jealous of my success and she doesn't want to hear about it, much less attempt it for herself. I'm going to give her a serious wake up call at some point in the near future, but I've never known someone who dwells so totally in denial so I am not sure any amount of screaming on my part will make her open her eyes. It's insane to ignore the fact that you are dying. Unless that is your goal. With her, I am starting to wonder if that is it.

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