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2015-02-15 - 10:38 a.m.

So... there is a world of fascinating topics in the TED talks. I'd like to go to a TED talk in person. I looked into it and it is crazy expensive. File that in the Bucket list.

In other news: I got a language course in Gaelic and Holy Lord it doesn't even sound like a language. (Sorry Ireland) I want to learn it, though. I should sell everything I have and move to Ireland to immerse myself. I have a friend who is considering moving there. I have adventures to do! I have been subconsciously waiting for my beloved to come back and adventure with me, but the clock is ticking.

I've had a bigger share of fantastic experiences than the average American, thanks to my Dad and his military career. I've been all over Europe and the US, lived in Hawaii, fell in love with the purple mountain's majesty, been hopelessly snowed-in in Kansas (not such a fantastic experience, but notable), went tubing in the snow and saw my mom get up from a wipeout with snow packed in her eye sockets, nose, and mouth, pushed a button that was a nipple on a breast shaped plaque under a sign that says "Don't touch" and it sounded off the loudest and most embarrassing buzzer I ever heard, been in the castles down the Rhein River, and done many other fun and varied notable activities that not everyone gets to do. The world is amazing and beautiful. I want to see more of it.

Thanks to my dad... I love my dad so much. He's the best man who ever lived and the only man who ever loved me unconditionally. That is what he does. He loves unconditionally. If my mother suddenly didn't love him, he would just continue to love her forever more, no matter what. Hmmm. I just realized I've always been expecting love to be like the love my dad has for my mother. Wow. That's a really hard act to follow, apparently.

I often wonder if Dad has any idea how much I love him. He's so humble.

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