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2015-02-13 - 7:38 p.m.

I keep having these dreams in which I find myself in a room full of people, all strangers to me except one. The one I love is there. Always in these dreams, he is super aware of my presence, but avoiding talking to me or looking me in the eye. Despite this, we always end up right next to each other like there's a magnetic pull. It is as if there's a band of energy that connects us.

In this dream, we always end up talking very closely - right in each other's faces and it's as if we've spent no time apart. I feel fully connected, fully engaged, fully understood and fully understanding. I feel relieved to the bottom of my last atom because all is right with the universe again. This dream feels more like a visit than a dream and when I wake up from that, I feel happy and like I've been hugged by him. Sometimes I think our spirits commune when we sleep.

I'm having a ton of these dreams lately.

I like it.

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