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2015-02-04 - 7:55 p.m.

I am living proof that you can reverse diabetes! My morning fasting blood sugar is now consistently less than 120, every morning. It was 117 today. My fasting blood sugar was consistently very high. It was well over 200 for a while (like, 242) and when I tried to fix that I got stuck in the 190's for a while and then I was stuck in the 160's for a lonnnng time. But now, thanks to my low carb/high exercise lifestyle, I have normal blood readings all the time.

It's like I broke diabetes all of a sudden. I was more tenacious than a disease. heh. My blood sugars were improving slowly and then all of a sudden it started rapidly dropping like a rock until it leveled off at normal. I'm very happy about this. I feel like I saved myself.

Now I'm so hard core on my exercise and ketogenic regimen it's plumb ridonkulous. That's what it takes if you want to reverse type 2 diabetes. No excuses. Type 2 diabetics have insulin resistance and this leads to all kinds of other problems. The exercise reverses insulin resistance and makes your body become able to use the insulin correctly. I like to control the amount of insulin being released in my body because it's a hormone that tells your body to store fat and it's also an appetite stimulant. The way to avoid insulin release is to keep your blood sugar as even as possible. It's the peaks and valleys that get you. I'm doing very well and my health is like a hobby now. I like to see what I can do physically and in terms of changing the numbers on my labs. My cholesterol is "ideal", my BMI is down, my sugars are normal, my exercise stamina is greatly improved, my mental outlook is improved, and I wonder how this seemed so difficult before.

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