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2014-12-22 - 8:39 p.m.

A few nights ago I had a dream in which 2 famous men were both trying to win me over romantically and when I woke up I realized that both these men are witty, very intelligent, talented, and lovable. These are the qualities that matter to me and these are the very things that made me fall in love with my lost love to start with. They are the things I miss most about him. The message is that my dream showed me a quick example of 2 other men on this planet who possess that special mix of traits that I love and want in my life and I take this as a sign that I should realize there are other worthwhile men in the world. Not that I should go after these particular 2 famous guys... but just the fact that I've been aware of these guys all this time without seeing they possess that which I seek and if they do, others do. I need to have a more open mind and not rule everyone out for not being my ex.

To be honest, I'd love it if my ex contacted me and had also grown in this time apart and we could begin with a friendship and see what happens from there. But if he doesn't, I will eventually meet someone witty, intelligent, talented, and lovable.

Today, I am free and single and I still love my ex. Mr. CTF. I will always be your friend/family no matter what and no one will ever be able to prevent me from being that to you.

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