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2014-10-18 - 4:18 p.m.

I just came back from my annual mandatory seminar at company headquarters. I somehow wangled myself a direct flight this year and the whole thing was more pleasant than the last 3 years' seminars. I was perkier than usual. The weather was cool and Autumn-like. This makes me feel good. They put us up in an even fancier and more historical hotel than usual and the food was very good. They were feeding us every time we turned around and I had very little appetite all of the past week. I found it pretty easy to stick to my regimen because I just didn't feel like I could handle anything rich. I've been following such a clean, low fat, low carb regimen that when I eat something outside of that limited spectrum, it hurts my stomach. It's all good. I'm glad I wasn't tempted to do bad things to my body on this trip.

All of us are authorized to suck up all the overtime we want this weekend so I am happily working. I'm a greedy little duck.

On the final day of our conference, they dismissed us early and my best girlfriend and I had late afternoon flights so we had some time to explore and go sightseeing. The weather was just awesome. The temperature was 67 and it was sort of breezy/windy, with lots of sun and not much humidity. This is the perfect set of circumstances for my optimum comfort. We walked down to the river where there were 5 antique paddle wheel riverboats and a big festival going on. There was live music and various things going on. We had a really good time and I felt lucky to have this job and this friend and this life.

I really got my exercise in, because we walked all over the place for hours. The walk back to the hotel was done at a rapid pace because we had to hurry to make it back for our shuttle. One of my flights had on it a handcuffed prisoner, an armed guard, a one armed Muslim, 2 other head-covered middle easterners, and a non-stop coughing germ flinger. On top of this, it was a tiny plane. I was surprisingly relaxed considering the circumstances.

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