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2014-09-26 - 11:48 a.m.

A couple of days ago, the alcoholic who loves me called me up, drunk of course, and said he is in love with me. He asked me to marry him... which I think was a joke... but surreal nonetheless. He started out sweet, but then he started getting loud and he told me that I'd better just get ready because he has made up his mind about me and he doesn't want to hear any more of that shit about me not wanting a relationship. He said he let me get away once before but this time he is never going to let me go. He said "You're gonna have to get a shotgun and blow me away!"

This is scary and threatening and it's time for me to shut him down. I am going to avoid his calls and refuse to ever speak to him again when he is drunk. I think I'm going to talk to him sober when I think I can handle it and tell him what all he said in this last ranting drunken monologue. He is sweet and timid when he is sober, but his drunk self has betrayed him and let me see that he is getting frustrated and angry about my lack of willingness to go with his program.

This guy has zero awareness that you can't just decide on someone. They get a vote too. And why would anyone want to take on a completely out of control drunk? Or a guy who has so thoroughly given up on life that he is completely helpless? Emotional problems, brain damage, joblessness, poverty, anger issues, complete and utter negativity. Yeah, sign me up for some-o-that.


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