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2014-09-25 - 3:29 p.m.

Last night I dreamed that Mister Man was with me again and we were in a house that is not the same house I have now. It was a new place for me and I wasn't even sure of the floor plan yet. I wasn't sure where everything was. I was having to go out to work or something and he was unhappy about something or feeling like he was a bother or something. He wasn't voicing exactly what was wrong, but he seemed like his feelings were hurt, or he was assuming something about me that was not at all the reality. I was trying to help him and didn't quite know what to do. His problem was in his perception only. I was happy he was there and I wanted him to be happy and realize that he was loved.

That's a lot like him actually. He never seemed to believe I loved him and wanted him. His fear of my possible future rejection of him made him dream up things to be mad about and eventually allowed him to justify having a secret friendship on the side. I woke up with sweet feelings about him and wanting to hug him. I wish he had been stronger. I hope he learns to love himself.

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