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2014-09-22 - 11:37 a.m.

My horoscope has been right on this year. I've been in a difficult astrological situation involving fookin Saturn for like 2 years and that negative time of trial and growth is coming to a close. I think I'm learning those damn lessons that I would have so liked to avoid. Things are getting a little easier. Health is improving, as predicted. I've learned to eat the things that make me healthy. I've replaced some bad habits with good ones. I'm doing some endurance training for some serious hiking to come. Healthy food, healthy sleep, massages, exercise. I'm taking good care of myself.

Love has indeed come looking for me, as predicted. Um, not the best news, since I'm not available for it, but "love" has been trying to win my favor in the form of a few different men who have tried to strike up a little something something with me over the past year. Well, 5 if you count the old flame who just won't stop calling and the old goat that followed me around the Sam's club trying to give me his business card and ask me on a date. ::flat stare::

I suppose I should be glad somebody likes me. ha

Now if only I could like someone. I'm not like the other girls. I don't need a man for money and stuff. I'm not swayed by a pretty boy. I must have someone intelligent. I can't feel romantic feelings towards a dummy. I need wit, humor, and intelligence. It helps if they are not transparent. If they pursue me too much, I'm spooked. Or turned off. I'm not ready for it. So I'm not going to budge until I am ready. I need that feeling of soul recognition that I had with my one true love.

I wish I could call up my ex and tell him to watch Outlander for the love of all things holy. Watch Outlander! It's on Starz. I am loving that show. I want to go to Scotland and try to get captured by highlanders. haha

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