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2014-07-16 - 10:10 a.m.

Below is an excerpt from an article about recognizing red flags in your relationship.

"If your partner doesn’t value growing, then your relationship won’t survive troubles along the way, because a relationship is only as strong as its weakest moments — how you each handle stress and conflict. Basically, toxic people are not open to listening, empathizing and growing. Healthy, thriving people are!"

I should have seen the red flag of my guy not being able to weather ordinary storms of life. He is one of those people who can't break up without hating someone. Can't end a job without a big blow up or conflict, unless he ends it by simply not showing up. He has been on the outs with everyone in his life. He doesn't aggress against his son, but he did just drop out of his life.... and my life.... and this is how he handles all his relationships. They all hit the inevitable break down because in times of disagreement, he keeps on raising the stakes until he either gets his way or the other person loses him due to not caving in to whatever his demands are. Everything turns into a do or die show down.

I've never in my life had someone who had formerly professed to care about me turn their back in the hateful way that he has done. That is not normal human behavior. Anyone I've ever loved on any level, no matter how much I was hurt or angered by them, will still receive common courtesy from me. People with class do not act like a jackass towards former loves. There is a level of respect that you extend because you're a person and not a barnyard animal. There is no reason to grind your axe after you've up and abandoned ship, again. You unreliable ship rat.


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