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2013-07-16 - 12:52 p.m.

A long stretch of time has gone by since the break up of my long term relationship. I was really pretty angry for a long, long time, because he basically flipped out on me and started accusing me of everything he was actually doing behind my back. I wasn't talking to anyone in secret, he was. I wasn't building up a relationship with anyone, he was. I wasn't having late night skype sessions with anyone, he was. I wasn't calling anyone else, he was. I wasn't texting anyone else, he was. However, I was accused of all these things and plenty of others.

This entry was filled with a lot of nasty vitriol that came from a really dark place of hurt. I am done with that and I don't want to look at it any longer. I know there are other dark spots in this blog that I haven't deleted yet, and may never, but this entry in particular was hard to look at for me, because it took me right back to that miserable place I was in emotionally when I wrote it. Therefore, I have wiped most of it away.

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