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2013-04-19 - 7:51 p.m.

Friday again! Time flies. This week went by so fast. I'm going to watch "Django Unchained" tonight and eat some pizza. I haven't had pizza in ages. I've been avoiding carbs for a long time.

I'm waiting for my pizza now. I don't want to start the movie until the delivery is here. I have nothing profound to say about love. Tonight I love pizza and movies.

Tomorrow I am going shopping. I tried that last weekend, but I was in no mood for it. Not only did I not find anything I liked, I actively hated everything I saw. I need a spring table runner and something pretty to go on my dining table and some art for the guest room. I went to a couple of places and thought everything looked tacky and contrived. I hate contrived looking stuff, faddish stuff, and art work with advice on it. I don't want to see wall art admonishing me to live, laugh, and love. Something about it angers my chi. I also dislike things that smack of "cheap-ass garbage". I really loathe mass produced, dime-a-dozen crapola that can be seen in 95% of all the stores. I do have some good art in my home already and I'm an artist. I guess I should make some art. I'm going to give shopping another go this weekend and see if I can find some things. I've got guests coming in mid-may.

Alright. I'm ready for some pizza and entertainment.

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